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VIP Strategy Days


Are you starting a business or already in business, but need funding to lift it off the ground?

Are you currently struggling with not only understanding the requirements for accessing funding for your business, but with getting approved as well?

Have you tried applying for the simplest forms of business credit and funding, but can't seem to get approved?

Do you find yourself confused and unclear of which direction to take to fund your business?

Are you tired of spending valuable time doing your own research to find companies willing to extend your business credit lines, just to be disappointed when things do work out in your business's favor?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, then you are the driven, confused entrepreneur seeking clear direction that the VIP Strategy Days was created for. 

If you are ready to learn how to not only acquire business funding, but to learn how to leverage the funds in order to build generational wealth and create legacies for your family, then the VIP Strategy Days is the answer to all of your troubles! 

VIP Strategy Days was created for both new and existing business owners looking to create a flawless business profile that will have lenders reaching out to work with them! 

VIP Strategy Days begin with a two hour intensive 1:1 online strategy session where we deep dive into your business entity type, your business goals, and your timeframe for achieving each goal.


Following the strategy session, Na'Shaun will create a strategic map created specifically for your business to help you fulfill your business goals. After receiving your strategic map, we will follow-up twice within an 8 week period to ensure you're meeting your goals by your deadline. 

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Business Audit

During the VIP Strategy Days We Will:


Analyze your business goals and examine your business infrastructure to determine the timeline of achieving your business's goals


Perform an in depth analysis of your business's reports (if applicable)


Discuss disputes to correct misleading information

 (if necessary)


Recommend trade lines needed to begin or  improve your business's credit reports


Create a strategic map outlining the next steps to help your business achieive it's goals

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Following the two-hour intensive strategy session, you will be provided a detailed outline of actionable steps you can take within just a few minutes.


Your strategic map will include: 

  • A list of companies that will extend your business funding based on your current circumstances 

  • An outline of how to challenge incorrect or missing items on your business reports 

  • Recommendations to improve your personal financial history (if applicable)

  • A breakdown of how to correct any missing structural elements in your business

  • Two, hour-long follow-up calls (within an 8 week timeframe) with Na’Shaun to keep your business on track to achieve the goals outlined in your action plan

  • Continued email support from Na’Shaun to help you accomplish your business objectives until you've reached your goals

New Client Personal Consultation


This one hour consultation will be completed via Zoom. This consultation is not the source of legal, financial, or accounting advice. This is an educational consulatation. During this consultation we will discuss all things pertaining to personal credit and funding such as: 

  • Building credit from zero

  • Securing funding (credit cards, loans, and lines of credit)

  • Rebuilding a damaged credit profile

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Credit Consultations

During the Call We Will Discuss

  • Removing hard inquiries

  • Challenging collections

  • Disputing medical bills

  • Challenging charge-offs

  • Contending late payments

  • Building history from zero

  • Rebuilding a damaged history

  • Companies to build with

  • How to acquire high-limit accounts

  • How to negotiate low-interest rates

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New Client Business Consultation


This one hour strategy session will be completed via Zoom. During this consultation you will have the opportunity to have your business startup and business funding questions answered. 

Our most frequently asked questions entrepreneurs enter the strategy sessions with contain the following:

  • Business Formation 

  • Properly Structuring the Business

  • Business Credit Building

  • Building Business Credit in 60 days or less

  • Business Funding Acquisition Without Having to Build It

  • Securing Funding in 30 days or less

  • Leveraging Personal Credit to Secure Business Funding

  • Purchasing Assets for Business such as Cars, SUVs, Trucks, and Real Estate

This consultation is for educational purposes only and is not the source of legal, financial, or accounting advice.

Existing Client Follow-Up Consultation


This one hour consultation is a follow-up consultation for clients who’ve had any type of consultation in the past and want to follow up with Na’Shaun in reference to the previous consultation.


This consultation will be completed via Zoom.


This consultation is for educational purposes only and is not the source of legal, financial, or accounting advice.

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