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Restoring Your Score (Coming Soon)


This course will become available January 29, 2023. On January 22, 2023, the course will be offered at 50% off of $147. It will be available for just $73.50 for one hour only. Text RESTORE to 855-917-7888 to be notified of when the course becomes available. Bad credit is expensive...learn how to restore your score today! It's no secret that those with BAD credit pay MORE money over time than those with stellar credit. It's also no secret that credit repair is EXPENSIVE. Well, lucky for you, we've made restoring your credit AFFORDABLE, EASY, and STRAIGHTFORWARD! In this course you will learn: -How to read and examine your credit report -How to use consumer laws in your challenges -How to build credit -Receive a list of companies to build credit with You will learn how to challenge: -Hard inquiries -Collections -Medical bills -Charge-offs -Personal information -Late payments BONUS! you will also get free lifetime access to our private community. Our Private Facebook Community will serve as a safe space for you to ask questions, share results, and get feedback throughout your credit repair journey, whenever you need it. You will have access to community support from Na'Shaun and other members of the group. You are not on this journey alone!

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