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Learn exactly how to create a LLC and how to format an ideal business structure that converts into five figure approvals with this simple and easy to follow ebook.


What Is a Business Structure? Why Is It So Important?


A business structure refers to the foundation of a business. Just like a house needs a solid foundation before it can become a home to a family, a business needs a solid foundation before it can secure financing.


In order for a business to be able to stand on its own to acquire financing, the business needs to be structured a certain way, and this e-book covers exactly how to do that. 


Here's a sneak peak at what's inside:


  • Learn how to choose the BEST business address, phone number, and email providers
  • Step-by-step on how to register a LLC in your State
  • Walkthrough of how to apply for an EIN, DUNS, and Business Checking Account
  • How to create an Operating Agreement
  • How to pick the best NAICS & SIC Codes for optimal results
  • How to obtain a business license in your city/town
  • Walkthrough on how to keep track of business income and expenses using free software
  • How to renew your LLC to keep it complaint
  • How to properly deposit money into the business bank account
  • How to loan money to your business




This purchase also includes The Business Fundability Checklist.


Remember, when shopping with us, you receive LIFETIME ACCESS to all ebooks and guides. And if you run into any questions or concerns while reviewing the materials, all you need to do is send us an email, and we will answer all of your questions as soon as we can.


When working with Biztegic, you are NEVER on your financial journey alone!



Business Structure Blueprint

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