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Every unauthorized hard inquiry is holding your score back by 3-5 points, each!


So, if you have 10 unauthorized hard inquiries, you can be holding out on a 50 point increase in your credit scores!


Let us help you get those points back!


In the Hard Inquiry Kit, you will receive two of our most proven tactics to successfully challenge the hard inquiries contained in your credit reports.


The Hard Inquiry Kit includes:

  • Initial complaint challenge letter
  • Follow up removal letter
  • Instructions for mailing letters
  • Express 24 hour phone script method


If you've been struggling with successfully challenging the hard inquiries contained within your credit reports, then the Hard Inquiry Kit is the solution you've been seeking. 


With over 200 Credit Inquiries removed from consumers credit reports so far this year, this Hard Inquiry Kit is the TRUTH! 


Remember, when shopping with us, you receive LIFETIME ACCESS to all ebooks and guides. And if you run into any questions or concerns while reviewing the materials, all you need to do is send us an email, and we will answer all of your questions as soon as we can.


When working with Biztegic, you are NEVER on your financial journey alone!



Hard Inquiry Kit

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