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Getting denied for that credit card, apartment, or that new home is extremely frustrating and discouraging, which is why we’ve created the 700 Blueprint.


There’s more to the 700 Blueprint than what meets the eye.


Yes, the 700 Blueprint is an e-book, but it also includes lifetime access to our private community.


In the 700 Blueprint Community, we work with community members on achieving their goals, whether it be to build the ideal credit profile so that they can get approved for that new luxury apartment, or to rebuild their credit profile so that they can get approved for that new three bedroom home, whatever the case, we’ve got you covered.


We’ve made restoring your credit affordable, easy, and straightforward.


The most intense, results driven, DIY credit restoration e-book around, The 700 Blueprint is the ONLY credit restoration e-book you'll need! 


Here's a sneak peak at what you will learn: 

  • How to read and examine your credit report
  • How to build credit from scratch
  • How to rebuild a damaged credit profile
  • How to challenge:
    • Charge-offs
    • Collections
    • Hard inquiries
    • Late payments
    • Medical bills


And so much more!


And as if that isn’t enough, you will also get free, for a lifetime, access to our private Facebook community which will serve as a safe space for you to ask questions, share results, and get additional assistance throughout your journey, whenever you need it. You are not on this journey alone!



The 700 Blueprint

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